2U Rackmount Kit

Rackmount frame to hold up to 8 DAC converters


The RMK-2 is a tool for stacking multiple DAC-8P/9P devices, the customer can thus mount DAC devices in any combinations. Adjustable rack ears allow the user to insert the RMK-2 into the rack slot for easy installation.

A single power supply powers all 8 converters


With built-in power distributor, the RMK-2 can supply power to up to 8 converters.


RMK-2 2U Rackmount Kit
What's in the Box

1 x RMK-2
8 x DC cable, L=40cm
1 x Manual
1 x Adaptor DC 12V / 5.0A
1 x AC cord
10 x Cable tie
4 x M5 x 10mm Screw
1 x Thank you Card



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