Perfect for Corporate Presentations


This workflow is perfect for corporate presentations, where you need to easily set up your production equipment. PoE or Power over Ethernet feature that comes with the PTC-140 TH HDBaseT PTZ camera in this workflow makes it easy for you to set up your camera and not have to worry about finding local power for the camera. You can control the PTZ camera from a tablet using a camera control app. Use the CAP-2 HDMI to USB 3.0 capture box to send a program output to a laptop for streaming to Facebook, YouTube, or Zoom. 

Key Features

Single Cable Solution
HDBaseT technology in the PTC-140 TH allows you to transmit power, video, control, and tally over a single CAT 6 cable. 

This one camera solution allows you to produce a multi-angle live production using a PTZ camera that you can easily control from a tablet. You can also stream your production using the CAP-2 to capture the footage into your laptop, without needing a physical encoder.

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